Rebuilding your dream home after catastrophic events


A home is a place to feel safe and secure around loved one’s. A house fire can take your safety and security away in a blink of an eye. From the day the fire occurs to the last day of rebuilding our team of professionals will stop at no heights to ensure that you receive your beautiful home back.



MBB said, “let there be light!”


Remodeling is the foundation to our success. We can take any room in your home and transform it to a modern living space. Whether your remodel is in your kitchen or your master bedroom. We apply our years of knowledge and success to incorporate a modern transformation into your home. Perhaps you’re looking for more of a classic remodel? We do that too!


Implementing your dream bathroom


Looking to add value to your home by updating your bathroom or add more comfort to your home with a beautiful new bathroom design? From demolition to the last intricate finishing touches we will stop at no limitations to ensure that your receive the bathroom of your dreams.


Time is essential when facing a flood inside your home


Water damage effects thousands of Minnesota home owners each year. With mold growing within 24-48 hours, it is paramount that the damage is quickly treated. From the moment our team receives notification of the damage, no matter the time of day, it is our mission to salvage as much of your household goods as possible.

Water damage-800x600.jpg